Bankruptcy law

The firm provides professional counselling services and legal aid to companies that are in a state of crisis and / or economic suffering.
Our firm’s mission is primarily aimed at preventing the onset of a structural insolvency status for the enterprise, to avoid this we provide:

Preparation and conclusion of debt restructuring plans

Business plan drafting

Portability and renegotiation transactions with banks and lenders

Disposal of non-performing loans

Consultation as an advisor to find financing partners, funding (national and European) and for the evaluation of balance sheet capacity, financial and economical for the enterprise

Transfer transactions and / or rental of business units

Finally, as part of the selection procedures under the bankruptcy laws (arrangements with creditors, bankruptcy and liquidation), for years the firm has specialized in advocacy relating to:

Instances of failure, questions (early and late) entrance to the passive state

Causes of an insolvency

Opposition reviews of liabilities, the allotment project, the approval of arrangements with creditors and bankruptcy

Applications for admission to the guarantee fund of INPS