Commercial Law

Our law firm has extensive experience in assisting numerous companies engaged in different fields of economy, including the engineering industry, energy and healthcare, as well as in the areas of security, fashion and large-scale retail trade.
In order to ensure more effective assistance in this important area of ​ law, the firm offers itself as a Company's "everyday" adviser, to which the businessman can turn to for accurate and quick responses.
Among the services provided in the field, both judicial and non-judicial we also cater for:

National and international contracts, both EU and non-EU, in particular:

           ➢ review and drafting of contracts, as well as identification of critical issues connected to them.
           ➢ Evaluation of the best contractual case in relation to the specific needs of the customer

Drafting, checking and drafting of the statutes of social pacts.

Assistance in managing relationships between partners

Assistance in the purchase and sale of units or shares operations, as well as in business transfers and business divisions

Extraordinary corporate transactions, including mergers, acquisitions, transformations, establishment of joint ventures and consortia, as well as corporate restructuring and the liquidation phase

Support for Start-Ups