Credit Recovery


Of vital importance for businesses, the recovery of credit has always been one of the strong points of the Capello law firm.

In order to ensure the recovery of unpaid bills by a certain date and rapidly, the firm offers a supported operating strategy, summarized below:

Preliminary activation of a prior investigation service, aimed at obtaining a detailed screening of the economical, financial status and the equity of the debtor.

Appeal to court procedure (Conciliation Bodies, A.D.R.), pre-trial (monitory procedure, art. 700 Code of Civil Procedure), ordinary, best judged in terms of effectively achieving the result.

Preparation and activation of the executive procedure most suited to the nature of the claim asserted (enforcement proceedings, real estate and held by third parties).

Experiment of any action necessary for the protection of credit (clawback, pledges and mortgages)

Constant customer updates on the status of the case of a single recovery, combined with the transmission of periodic reports of the various cases that our office are dealing with.