Family Law


The firm provides the customer with lawyers that have extensive experience specializing in the field of family law.
The aim is to ensure legal assistance not only from individuals that are highly qualified in law, but also able to treat delicate family issues with great attention to the management of the family members involved.

Among the topics most discussed below are some of the services we include:

In order to ensure proper management of the negotiations with the other party aimed to achieve optimal resolution and / or prevention of a marriage crisis:

Separations, consensual and judicial.

Divorce, relatives and court

Changing the separation and divorce conditions.

Unmarried couples living together and drafting of contracts (genetic phase)

Protection of children's rights:

Entrust (shared, exclusive, perfect) and maintenance.

Parental responsibility

Adoption practices.

Management and protection of family assets:

Dissolution communions.

Assignment of family house, loan and housing needs of the family



Assistance in the preparation of wills, sponsorship and reintegration of the rightful share

Measures to protect people deprived, in whole or in part, of autonomous capacity of discernment:

Activation or management of practices of interdiction, disqualification and an administrative support.