Labour law

The firm provides assistance to companies and to individuals, nationally and internationally, in relation to the ordinary and extraordinary management of the employment relationship as a whole.
In particular, one of our main objectives is to ensure the customer’s careful management of the employer relationship / worker, in order to prevent or reduce the risks of cause, timing and costs of any judicial litigation.

To this end the “labour service line” of the firm deals with:

● Examination, preparation and identification of critical issues related to employment contracts, independent, agency and non-standard contracts

● Evaluation of the best contractual case in relation to specific professions, as part of business consulting aimed at optimal management of resources, the workforce and earnings profiles. In particular:

Assistance to companies in extraordinary reorganization and / or restructuring.
Management and formalization of personnel transfer procedures, secondments, temporary layoffs and CIGS structural and notwithstanding multiple individual dismissals as well as mobility
Assistance for the conclusion of company agreements, individual agreements, collective and, in general, in negotiations with union acronyms
Consultancy in the field of Labour Law Due Diligence

● Assistance, at every stage, the relationship employer / employee, in terms of disciplinary procedures, termination of employment relationships, (individual and collective) and any appeals

● Actions against tax bills for social security credits (INPS and INAIL)